Legal Advice After a Motorcycle Accident in San Diego

California is a gorgeous state that boasts some of the best weather and the most incredible scenery of any state in the US. California also has a huge number of motorcyclists on the road, and some of the most unusual laws on the books regarding motorcycle safety. These include the “lane-splitting” laws, which allow riders to ride in between cars on the freeway.

Cyclists on California’s busy highways must be highly responsible out on the road to avoid the great danger that can come from riding a bike in congested traffic. Motorcyclists who are injured in an accident must take several steps to protect themselves legally, medically and financially. Here are a few crucial pieces of advice to follow after an accident:

  1. Don’t talk about the accident, except with your doctor, and the insurance representative in charge of property damage to your bike.
  2. Keep a record of all medical bills.
  3. Don’t discuss the accident with the insurance company or take a settlement offer unless advised by counsel.
  4. Keep all documents about your accident.

The fact is that a severe motorcycle accident can cause injuries that can be life-threatening and life-altering. Dealing with insurance companies and medical corporations can be confusing and upsetting, especially after the shock of an accident. Given all this, it’s wise to bring in a personal injury attorney in San Diego to help you deal with the realities of the accident and to help you attain the best possible settlement to cover the cost of medical treatment and possible loss of work costs.

Depending on the severity of injuries, you may also need disability coverage and payment for pain and suffering issues. An experienced personal injury attorney will know how to deal with the legal complexities that arise after an accident so that you can rest and recover.

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, be smart. Talk to an experienced personal injury attorney who knows the laws in California and who will work to protect your interests. Don’t be a victim of the complexities of the law. Call a personal injury attorney and start your recovery today.