CNN Tackles Trump Dossier

In a “breaking news” tale that unfolded on the night of February 10, 2017, breathlessly recanted by way of a succession of on-air hosts, CNN said that “multiple modern and previous U.S. Regulation enforcement and intelligence officials” had knowledgeable the news corporation that conversations among Russian officials, intercepted by U.S. Intelligence offerings, furnished “corroboration” of positive components of the dossier which was written by Chris Steele, a former MI-6 agent. Steele had labored for British Intelligence in Moscow throughout the 1990s, and after he had left active service, he began his very own business as an intelligence employer.

While CNN’s assets have been no longer able to verify which particular conversations linked to the file were intercepted by using U.S. Intelligence, they did observe that a number of the intercepted conversations “occurred between the same individuals on the equal days and from the identical places as accurate within the dossier,” offering American investigators with “greater self-assurance” inside the “credibility of a few elements of the dossier.”

Christopher Steele had been employed using political operatives against the candidacy of Donald Trump to locate Russian resources that could show a connection between Trump and the Russian government that might derail Trump’s presidential bid. The dossier Steele assembled contained a diverse variety of records, starting from the salacious to the politically unsavory; anyone of the reviews, if confirmed to be true, could prove to be Trump’s downfall.

Steele’s employers were seeking to prevent Trump from prevailing within the Republican primary; while Trump received, they rescinded their interest in the file. Steele keeps that he changed into so bowled over via the contents of the dossier that he sought a manner to publicize the contents. After shopping the files around various political and journalistic outlets, the file and its contents got here to mild in January 2017, after Trump had won the presidential election.

The timing of the revelation of the file’s lifestyles, coinciding because it did with the release of an assessment by using the U.S. Intelligence Community that Russia had sought to persuade the 2016 presidential election in Trump’s desire, assured most exposure for Steele’s facts. But the file contained a few errors which, when mixed with the unverified nature of the allegations contained inside, damaged its credibility – until CNN’s alarming “breaking information” file gave it new life.

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Here Are This Weekend’s Shoe Release Lineup

February’s events consist of the annual Black History Month, New York Fashion week, NBA All-Star Weekend, Valentine’s Day and of course to top things off, a series of sneaker releases:

Adidas is getting in the basketball spirit by giving details to the All-Star Weekend releases of the Harden Volume 1 AS “No Brakes.”

Lebron James’ 14th signature sneaker, rightfully named the Nike Lebron 14 is making its official retail release with the “Black Ice” colorway. A new colorway for the Nike Flyknit Racer will be releasing as well, “Oreo” to represent the black and white colorway.

Nike is also making an appearance at the Kith NYC for New York Fashion Week by introducing its “5 Decades of Basketball” pack. The pack is set to release on February 18 during the All-Star Weekend. Other New York Fashion Week releases include the Riccardo Tisci x Nikelab Dunk Lux and the official retail VLONE x Nikelab Air Force 1 Lows.

The Jordan Brand is set to release a “super premium” Air Jordan V with the $400 “Take Flights.” Air Jordan 1 fans are hyped as well since the brand plans to provide several new releases such as the Air Jordan 1 Golf in “Chicago” and “White/Metallic Silver,” the Air Jordan 1 “BHM” in men’s and grade school colorways and the infatuated Air Jordan 1 GG “Valentine’s Day.”

Finally, Kanye West and Adidas are set to release their best selling, world-renown, Yeezy 350 V2 in a new colorway on February 11th. While there are additional colorways being released this year, this weekend only the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Black/Red” will be featured. The sneakers come in adult and infant sizes and introduce the iconic heel pull tab from the original Yeezy Boost 350. This sneaker features the iconic “SPLY-350” but without the colored stripe from the previous V2 versions.

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Silicon Valley is on the Forefront of the Anti-Trump Movement

Over 2000 Google employees participated in a walk out to protest President Trump’s unconstitutional refugee ban this week. Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai and co-founder Sergey Brin did not punish employees. Instead, they voiced their support for the protest.

“Proud moved, and touched to be at a company that boldly stands for its people,” Sam Tse, a Google employee, tweeted. #GooglersUnited is a trending hashtag.

It’s easy to understand why the head of Google doesn’t hesitate to support the movement; Brin’s family escaped the former Soviet Union when he was a mere child. Trump’s direction aims to disgrace Silicon Valley’s core concepts of globalism and openness, values that nearly embraced by all employees. Silicon Valley companies success relies on the intellectual capabilities of their employees. Thus workers can use their leverage to force employers to respond, especially to threats to their values issued by the president.

The power of employees is nothing to underestimate, just yesterday Uber CEO Travis Kalanick was forced to step down from Trump’s economic advisory council. “There are many ways we will continue to advocate for just change on immigration, but staying on the council was going to get in the way of that,” Kalanick addressed employees in an email. His decision was influenced the #DeleteUber hashtag when viral and began trending referring to the company’s response to Trump’s unconstitutional Muslim ban. However, the New York Times revealed that the real influence was from furious employees caused by Kalanick’s council membership appeared to be a company endorsement instead of the Administration. The hashtag gained so much support due to Uber continuing service while New York taxies were protesting Trump’s ban by not transporting people, flooding airports.

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