Environmentally Friendly Custom Homes in Portland, Oregon

Portland is one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the nation. If you wish to move to Portland, Oregon, you can seek out a green home builder to create the custom home of your dreams. With Portland being second in LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, certification in the nation, the options for green homes in the area are virtually limited only by the creativity of yourself and the builder you choose to work with.

What is a Green Home?

There are several factors that make green homes different from conventionally built homes. One of the main differences is that green homes tend to focus on using the least amount of energy possible through efficient appliances, windows, lighting fixtures, and electrical systems. A green home may also be built from sustainable materials and use materials like bamboo for flooring, sustainable lumber products, and even recycled materials. Some green homes also have unique roofing options which may include solar panels or even eco-roofs. The new eco-roofs help to promote better air quality and they increase a building’s insulation.

Finding a Quality Green Home Builder

Green home builders are knowledgeable about the specific area in which they build. This helps them to choose materials and building methods that are particularly suited for the area. When choosing a green home builder to build your custom home, it’s important to discuss your expectations to ensure that they are capable of designing and building what you want. A good builder will work closely with the homeowner throughout the process to ensure that the result is exactly what you were expecting. It can be helpful to ask for pictures and designs from previous homes that the builder has worked on so that you know more about their work. Quality, trustworthy builders are proud to share their previous work with potential clients for inspiration and to promote their work.

If you’re looking for a community that prides itself on being green, Portland, OR, may be the ideal place for you to build your green home. Seek the advice of a custom home builder in Portland who is experienced in working with energy efficient materials and is knowledgeable about all aspects of green living. A qualified builder can help you have the green home of your dreams, allowing you to live a happy and sustainable life in a home that has little negative impact on the world around you.

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Environment-friendly Custom Homebuilders

Today, more individuals want to build an environmentally friendly home, including tinier homes that have a limited amount of floor space. Companies in Portland, Ore., are responding to these consumer demands by using new methods to build customized homes that will provide a healthier and greener environment. At the same time, a green home can look beautiful and provide a comfortable place to live. Here are a few important ways for a professional builder to create an eco-friendly home.

1: Using Solar Power Panels

Request solar power panels for a home to decrease the cost of cooling and heating a building. Modern solar panels can also provide power for a home’s appliances and electronics, helping to reduce a homeowner’s dependence on expensive and scarce fossil fuels. By using less natural gas and electricity, you are keeping the earth’s water, soil and air cleaner.

2: Using Recycled Materials

Rather than using new materials, you can learn how to use recycled materials such as hardwood flooring, bathroom fixtures or shredded vehicle tires. By taking the time to find recycled materials, you are protecting the earth’s environment by not creating additional pollution. Recycled building materials are sourced from a wide variety of places, including demolished buildings and specialized manufacturers.

3: Using the Land’s Natural Features

Instead of fighting against a property’s natural features, work with the land to create a greener home. With this method, you can preserve natural waterways, large trees, and natural rock formations to have a home that is unique, beautiful and eco-friendly.

4: Using Sustainable Materials

An important aspect of building an environmentally friendly home is using sustainable materials that include:

• Cotton or wool carpeting
• Ecological concrete
• Bamboo flooring
• Natural paints
• Cotton wall and attic insulation
• Natural clay bricks
• Straw bales
• Wicker or rattan

By using sustainable materials to build a home, you are protecting the environment and reducing your exposure to man-made products that emit dangerous gasses and particles.

5: Using a Smaller Structure

In the past, new homeowners wanted to build mansions that had huge rooms with tall ceilings, but today, families prefer living in smaller homes that are more affordable. When you have a large home, it leads to higher taxes and additional utility costs. In addition, you may feel that it is necessary to fill the home with numerous possessions to give it a decorated appearance.