What You Need to Know About Opioids and The Opioid Epidemic

Origin of Opioid Abuse

With the introduction of evidence supporting the use of prescription opioids to treat chronic pain due to its ‘painkilling’ effectiveness, opioids became the leading treatment for various forms of chronic pain. This was a significant paradigm shift during the 1900s when doctors began prescribing opioids to problems such as back pain or sports injuries, where previously they were only used to treat acute pain or post-operatively. However, in the past few decades, the prescription of opioids has skyrocketed because Purdue Pharmaceuticals, the makers of OxyContin, began marketing their opioid as non-addictive. As a result, opioid abuse and addiction have become an epidemic.

How Do Opioids Work?

Opioids affect the way your brain processes pain; it does not actually make the pain leave your body. Opioids attach to your opioid receptors which protrude from particular nerve cells found in the brain. Once they’re on, the nerve cells communicate to the brain information regarding the severity of the pain which isn’t true. As a result, the person taking the opioid begins to notice a decrease in the severity of their pain dramatically.

Opioids also work through the brain’s reward center, releasing a large amount of dopamine which affects how the brain experiences pleasure. A person taking opioids will feel not only a decrease in their pain but also extreme euphoria and intense relaxation. Tolerance develops rapidly, and users will need to increase their dosage to experience the same or a higher feeling of extreme pleasure. This leads to dependency and quickly addiction.

How Effectively Do They Treat Pain?

While studies are recognizing that opioids could be effective for treating chronic pain; there are also several other alternatives that could be considered just as, if not more, effective without the severe risk for abuse and addiction.

How Big is The Problem?

It’s estimated that 20-29% of those who are prescribed opioids abuse them. Opioid overdose has risen by 30% from 2016 to 2017 across the United States; the number of opioid prescriptions has increased by five times from 1999 to 2010. The opioid epidemic doesn’t just affect the US; the UK is experiencing a similar crisis with the increased abuse of opioids. In addition to increased abuse of opioids, there has been an increase in other problems relating to opioid abuse such as neonatal abstinence syndrome, where there’s been a steady rise in children being born showing withdrawal symptoms from opioids. The opioid epidemic is also directly increasing heroin abuse, which is revealed to be affecting the older demographics.

What is Being Done?

Medical facilities are exploring more efficient methods to manage and track patients who are exposed to opioids. In an attempt to fight the epidemic, the National Institute of Health is searching to expand treatment centers for opioid use disorders. The NIH is also investigating safe, non-addictive ways to treat chronic pain. By creating an efficient prescription drug monitoring system, physicians and doctors could be able to identify and provide assistance to those at high risk for developing an abuse disorder for opioids. The NIH is also trying to increase the availability of overdose-reversing drugs such as Narcan or naloxone, which reverse the effects of an opioid overdose and can assist those who are being harmed from an opioid use disorder.

Environmentally Friendly Custom Homes in Portland, Oregon

Portland is one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the nation. If you wish to move to Portland, Oregon, you can seek out a green home builder to create the custom home of your dreams. With Portland being second in LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, certification in the nation, the options for green homes in the area are virtually limited only by the creativity of yourself and the builder you choose to work with.

What is a Green Home?

There are several factors that make green homes different from conventionally built homes. One of the main differences is that green homes tend to focus on using the least amount of energy possible through efficient appliances, windows, lighting fixtures, and electrical systems. A green home may also be built from sustainable materials and use materials like bamboo for flooring, sustainable lumber products, and even recycled materials. Some green homes also have unique roofing options which may include solar panels or even eco-roofs. The new eco-roofs help to promote better air quality and they increase a building’s insulation.

Finding a Quality Green Home Builder

Green home builders are knowledgeable about the specific area in which they build. This helps them to choose materials and building methods that are particularly suited for the area. When choosing a green home builder to build your custom home, it’s important to discuss your expectations to ensure that they are capable of designing and building what you want. A good builder will work closely with the homeowner throughout the process to ensure that the result is exactly what you were expecting. It can be helpful to ask for pictures and designs from previous homes that the builder has worked on so that you know more about their work. Quality, trustworthy builders are proud to share their previous work with potential clients for inspiration and to promote their work.

If you’re looking for a community that prides itself on being green, Portland, OR, may be the ideal place for you to build your green home. Seek the advice of a custom home builder in Portland who is experienced in working with energy efficient materials and is knowledgeable about all aspects of green living. A qualified builder can help you have the green home of your dreams, allowing you to live a happy and sustainable life in a home that has little negative impact on the world around you.

What Happens When You Get Arrested In Seattle, WA

Exploring the Washington state legal framework in the wake of being arrested is a circumstance that nobody needs to be in, yet happens for excessively numerous individuals every year. In any case, realizing what’s in store will make that excursion a less troublesome procedure.

In the wake of being arrested, a man is taken to the correctional facility for the group where the seizure occurred. That individual will be fingerprinted and captured amid the booking procedure. However, they can’t be held over 24 hours—which does exclude ends of the week or occasions. Amid that procedure, the individual must surrender anything he’s carrying or wearing, with police giving a receipt, yet they ought to likewise make a request to contact a lawyer.

In a few occasions, the captured individual might be discharged with or without bail after the booking process, yet regardless of the possibility that they stay in prison, the arraignment will occur on the following day court is in session. The denounced will hear the charge(s) against them and be permitted to confess or plead not guilty. On the off chance that they haven’t hired a  lawyer, the judge will remind them to contract one.

Around then, bail might be set, unless the charge or the danger of flight is dangerous enough to rule out those choices, with 10 percent adequate for discharge. For a few people, that may require the need of a bail bondsman. In the event that no bail is set, that implies the individual’s been discharged solely based on their recognizance.

Amid this time or any period through the whole procedure, the charged’s lawyer can arrange a request deal. That implies conceding to a lesser allegation, which will probably take into consideration a more lenient sentence.

Some extra pre-trial hearings might be held, however once a trial starts, this is the thing that will happen: opening arguments from both the criminal defense attorney and prosecutor; the introduction of whatever confirmation exists, where it must be demonstrated past a sensible uncertainty that the blamed is liable; shutting contentions from each side; judge’s directions and jury thoughts, trailed by a decision.

The distinction between being discovered liable and not liable is likely the difference between prison time and being released and is largely dependent on the performance of the legal representation. Along these lines, on the off chance that you’ve been arrested for any violations, you unquestionably need to contact a criminal defense attorney in Seattle as quickly as time permits. They’ll overwhelmingly shield your rights, so you’ll get appropriate legal portrayal.

Save Room on Your Speed Dial for Seattle Key Locksmith

From the first rudimentary locks ever invented to the most sophisticated devices of today, the artistry of designing a method of barring intruders from trespassing continues to advance in both in function and technology.

Whether at home, at your place of business or in your car, our experienced locksmith technicians experts are at the ready to respond within minutes or upon appointed schedule to meet your security needs.

In Business

The professional responsible for key carriers knows the necessity of having the locks re-keyed when personnel changes. Today’s technological tools allow for key-less entry with electronic keypad controls. This is safe and simple to re-code when there is a change in staffing or if there is a breach in security.

You gain added ability to maintain surveillance with audit trails and lock-down modes. With no keys to worry about losing or being copied without proper permissions, your business does not suffer downtime or added expense just to maintain an efficient business stride. We are experts in hardware reinforcement and break-in prevention for businesses.

At Home

Your new home is something to celebrate and enjoy. When you are handed the key to your kingdom, the last thing you are thinking about is how many people ended up with a copy to come and go in completing the finishing touches on your dream home. This alone is sufficient reason to call your Seattle, Redmond and surrounding area key locksmith experts to come on out re-key the home, but there is one more thing to consider before taking that step.

Builders, while providing attractive hardware, do not necessarily spend the money for locks that are up to the level of security most people would prefer to keep them safe from would-be intruders. We offer advice on hardware changes, lock adjustment or alignment, installation of smart locks, including Bluetooth, wireless and keypad controls.

On the Road

We are at the “cutting edge” in automotive locksmith services including:

  • Making extra keys
  • Laser cut keys
  • Erased or stolen keys
  • High-security keys
  • Key FOBS
  • Lockout service
  • Key extraction
  • Key programming
  • Ignition replace and repair
  • Lock re-key

We make an effort to stay abreast of all the current technologies to best serve our entire King County client base who happen to be our best word-of-mouth advertisement for a long-earned reputation for trust and reliability. As both a retail establishment and a mobile service, we provide, install and service all the major commercial locksmith brands available on the market today.

At Element Locksmith in Seattle, it is our commitment to respond to your lock and key issues, whether in an emergency or as a matter of course. As your reputable, licensed locksmith, we are prepared to establish or reestablish your security and offer sound guidance on how you may better secure your property in the event of a breach.

As an insured and bonded locksmith, you can rest assured that we are here with you now and tomorrow to get the job done right the first time.

CNN Tackles Trump Dossier

In a “breaking news” tale that unfolded on the night of February 10, 2017, breathlessly recanted by way of a succession of on-air hosts, CNN said that “multiple modern and previous U.S. Regulation enforcement and intelligence officials” had knowledgeable the news corporation that conversations among Russian officials, intercepted by U.S. Intelligence offerings, furnished “corroboration” of positive components of the dossier which was written by Chris Steele, a former MI-6 agent. Steele had labored for British Intelligence in Moscow throughout the 1990s, and after he had left active service, he began his very own business as an intelligence employer.

While CNN’s assets have been no longer able to verify which particular conversations linked to the file were intercepted by using U.S. Intelligence, they did observe that a number of the intercepted conversations “occurred between the same individuals on the equal days and from the identical places as accurate within the dossier,” offering American investigators with “greater self-assurance” inside the “credibility of a few elements of the dossier.”

Christopher Steele had been employed using political operatives against the candidacy of Donald Trump to locate Russian resources that could show a connection between Trump and the Russian government that might derail Trump’s presidential bid. The dossier Steele assembled contained a diverse variety of records, starting from the salacious to the politically unsavory; anyone of the reviews, if confirmed to be true, could prove to be Trump’s downfall.

Steele’s employers were seeking to prevent Trump from prevailing within the Republican primary; while Trump received, they rescinded their interest in the file. Steele keeps that he changed into so bowled over via the contents of the dossier that he sought a manner to publicize the contents. After shopping the files around various political and journalistic outlets, the file and its contents got here to mild in January 2017, after Trump had won the presidential election.

The timing of the revelation of the file’s lifestyles, coinciding because it did with the release of an assessment by using the U.S. Intelligence Community that Russia had sought to persuade the 2016 presidential election in Trump’s desire, assured most exposure for Steele’s facts. But the file contained a few errors which, when mixed with the unverified nature of the allegations contained inside, damaged its credibility – until CNN’s alarming “breaking information” file gave it new life.

To learn more about this story, visit here.

Here Are This Weekend’s Shoe Release Lineup

February’s events consist of the annual Black History Month, New York Fashion week, NBA All-Star Weekend, Valentine’s Day and of course to top things off, a series of sneaker releases:

Adidas is getting in the basketball spirit by giving details to the All-Star Weekend releases of the Harden Volume 1 AS “No Brakes.”

Lebron James’ 14th signature sneaker, rightfully named the Nike Lebron 14 is making its official retail release with the “Black Ice” colorway. A new colorway for the Nike Flyknit Racer will be releasing as well, “Oreo” to represent the black and white colorway.

Nike is also making an appearance at the Kith NYC for New York Fashion Week by introducing its “5 Decades of Basketball” pack. The pack is set to release on February 18 during the All-Star Weekend. Other New York Fashion Week releases include the Riccardo Tisci x Nikelab Dunk Lux and the official retail VLONE x Nikelab Air Force 1 Lows.

The Jordan Brand is set to release a “super premium” Air Jordan V with the $400 “Take Flights.” Air Jordan 1 fans are hyped as well since the brand plans to provide several new releases such as the Air Jordan 1 Golf in “Chicago” and “White/Metallic Silver,” the Air Jordan 1 “BHM” in men’s and grade school colorways and the infatuated Air Jordan 1 GG “Valentine’s Day.”

Finally, Kanye West and Adidas are set to release their best selling, world-renown, Yeezy 350 V2 in a new colorway on February 11th. While there are additional colorways being released this year, this weekend only the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Black/Red” will be featured. The sneakers come in adult and infant sizes and introduce the iconic heel pull tab from the original Yeezy Boost 350. This sneaker features the iconic “SPLY-350” but without the colored stripe from the previous V2 versions.

Click here to view pictures and learn more about the upcoming February sneaker releases.


Overview of Personal Injury Laws In California

Accidents are one of life’s not so great surprises, occurring suddenly and without warning. While not all accidents lead to long term or serious injuries, those that do can cost the victim thousands of dollars in medical bills and lost wages. Fortunately, the law provides accident victims with a way to seek monetary compensation by filing a lawsuit. The following is an overview of California personal injury laws and how they affect people who have been hurt due to someone else’s negligence in an accident.

Common Personal Injury Claims

While there are many different types of personal injury claims that lead to lawsuits, some are more common than others. The most common personal injury claims in California are:

  • Product Liability Cases
  • Slip And Fall Accidents
  • Automobile Accidents
  • Dog Bites
  • Medical Malpractice Claims

How Long Accident Victims Have To File A Claim

Each state has their statute of limitations that outlines how long an accident victim has to file a claim in court. For those who are seeking compensation for damages and medical bills from an accident, the time limit is two years from the date of the incident. Those who are seeking compensation for injuries caused by a government agency or entity have just six.

Visit http://www.alllaw.com/articles/nolo/personal-injury/laws-california.html# for more information on personal injury in California.

months to file their claim. It is important to adhere to these timeframes, as failure to do so will most likely cause your case to be thrown out of court without being heard.


If your lawsuit is successful, you may be awarded money for certain accident related expenses and damages. The purpose of the law is to make you whole after an accident, based on the severity of your injuries and how they will affect your life going forward. Some damages typically awarded in personal injury cases include:

  • Lost Wages
  • Medical Bills
  • Hospital Costs
  • Therapy Fees
  • Pain And Suffering
  • Emotional Distress In Severe Cases

The best way to determine if you have a valid personal injury claim is to contact experienced lawyer Chris Guldjian. After examining your case,  you will know if you should move ahead and file a lawsuit. Having a personal injury lawyer working for you in your California personal injury claim is one way to increase the odds of obtaining an adequate settlement after an injury.

Silicon Valley is on the Forefront of the Anti-Trump Movement

Over 2000 Google employees participated in a walk out to protest President Trump’s unconstitutional refugee ban this week. Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai and co-founder Sergey Brin did not punish employees. Instead, they voiced their support for the protest.

“Proud moved, and touched to be at a company that boldly stands for its people,” Sam Tse, a Google employee, tweeted. #GooglersUnited is a trending hashtag.

It’s easy to understand why the head of Google doesn’t hesitate to support the movement; Brin’s family escaped the former Soviet Union when he was a mere child. Trump’s direction aims to disgrace Silicon Valley’s core concepts of globalism and openness, values that nearly embraced by all employees. Silicon Valley companies success relies on the intellectual capabilities of their employees. Thus workers can use their leverage to force employers to respond, especially to threats to their values issued by the president.

The power of employees is nothing to underestimate, just yesterday Uber CEO Travis Kalanick was forced to step down from Trump’s economic advisory council. “There are many ways we will continue to advocate for just change on immigration, but staying on the council was going to get in the way of that,” Kalanick addressed employees in an email. His decision was influenced the #DeleteUber hashtag when viral and began trending referring to the company’s response to Trump’s unconstitutional Muslim ban. However, the New York Times revealed that the real influence was from furious employees caused by Kalanick’s council membership appeared to be a company endorsement instead of the Administration. The hashtag gained so much support due to Uber continuing service while New York taxies were protesting Trump’s ban by not transporting people, flooding airports.

Learn more about this story here: https://www.wired.com/2017/02/silicon-valley-vs-trump-tech-workers-wield-real-power/



Learn Why German Has The Best Words To Describe Uncommon Emotions

German is a wonderfully inventive and bold language, full of gloriously long compound words for emotions and ideas that most languages struggle to allow us to express. Learn some of the few words German’s use to describe feelings that other languages require awkward sentences or paragraphs from other languages to express them.